Remember These Places?  This is where we grew up!

Wynnewood Shopping CenterVolk's Wynnewood
Wyatts Cafeteria WynnewoodAustin's Bar B Q on Illinois AveRed Bryan's on Jefferson AveKips - Home of the Big BoyArthurs Drvein - Where we gathered after football games.Lancaster Kiest - The New Shopping CenterBronco Bowl - Scene of our all night party!Kiest Park PavillionKiest Park ClubhouseMiss Flame Parade on Jefferson AvenueMiniature Golf was a favorite summertime date.Carnagie Library on JeffersonHouston Street Viaduct to Downtown DallasA Hang Out for the car dudesP C Cobb StadiumJefferson Drivein TheaterDrivein ... oh my!The Famous Texas TheaterWynnewood TheaterCrest TheaterHeights TheaterBeckley Wynnewood Baptist Church on Ohio StHillcrest Baptist ChurchCliff Temple Baptist ChurchCedar Crest Baptist ChurchBoude Storey Jr. HighSarah Zumwalt Jr. HighOliver Wendell Holmes Jr. HighLisbon Elementary SchoolTrinity Heights aka Harrell Budd Elementary School
Memories are made of this...
These are many of the places where we spent our days and our nights with family and friends!.
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Remember These
Movie Memories?

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Breakfast at Tiffany'sLawrence of ArabiaPsychoWest SWest Side StoryTo Kill a MockingbirdButch Cassidy and the Sundance KidWhere the BoyWhere the Boys AreRebel Without a Cause
Remember When We Were Kids?
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Jimmy Powell (in the middle)Jerry Shelby and Jackie DanielsMr. Hilton's Math Class Jan, 1955Bobby Peters, Gary Bishop, Jerry Dennis, Hubert MillerRichard Hampton and FriendsBoude Storey EaglettesOWHolmes TigerettesBoude Storey BasketballStorey MajorettesStorey Newspaper Staff - The Storey TellerMary Ann GibbsGary and Dennis BishopSlumber Party at Betty Brown's HouseSenior Class Officers1962 CheerleadersDebs on ParadeSOC BasketballTommy Davis, Bob Clifton and Randall GrubbsGolden TonesTrack StarsGirl FriendsGroup Party?Davina Spohn and Joy ParkerPublications StaffGraduationFun TimesGolden Debs - the pride of SOC

Playground in My Mind

When this old world gets me down
and there's no love to be found
I close my eyes and soon
I find I'm in a playground in my mind
Where the children laugh and the children play
And we sing a song all day

My name is Michael,
I've got a nickel
I've got a nickel shiny and new
I'm gonna buy me all kinds of candy
that's what I'm gonna do

In the wonders that I find in
the playground in my mind
In a world that used to be
close your eyes and follow me
Where the children laugh and the children play
And we'll sing a song all day

My girl is Cindy
when we get married we're gonna
have a baby or two
We're gonna let them visit their grandma
that's what we're gonna do

Living in a world that I left behind
Happy little children
In the playground in my mind
See the little children
See how they play in the playground in my mind
La la la...